BC Rangers F.C

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    BC Rangers F.C

    BC Rangers was founded in 1923 after a local council protest about the lack of jobs in the area, the idea of forming a team to gain more publicity was proposed and BC Rangers was born.

    The team was hugely successful in its debut season, playing in the 6th tier of English football they finished 2nd gaining promotion thanks to their goalkeeper Wayne Thaw who kept an impressive 17 clean sheets.

    After several successful years the team had the foundations for its new ground, “Aley Park” holding an impressive 7,000 spectators.

    However it wasn't until 1964 when they would first be a professional side and break into the limelight. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the experience they expected, having faced the worst defeat in the league's history just 3 matchdays in against Carlowel United (0-11) the team was ensured relegation by late February. Following this season the team was riddled with corruption and debt leading to the uninspiring seasons ahead.

    In 1995 the team found itself playing Millington Town in an FA Cup 4th round match but would lose the game in the 86th minute due to an own goal from young talent Rod Yates.

    After a recent arab investment the BC Rangers are now heading to the EvoLeague in search of club development. It is still unknown what the BC originally stood for however the most common from fans are: “Borough Council”, “Bar Crowd”, and “Beely Clan” - after one of the founding members.

    -- Modern Day --

    Emerg is hired as manager. 1/4/17
    Emerg is sacked from manager by the board. 18/4/17
    Limopop is hired as manager. 13/5/17

    BC Rangers FC are granted to play in Evo Premier League 14/5/17

    Record holders:

    Most clean sheets: Wayne Thaw - 17
    Days managing: Emerg - 17

    BC Rangers F.C National Caps:

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